Livestock IGA Changes Lives

One of our micro-grant recipients is a hardworking father. Illness, hard economic times, and consecutive difficult growing seasons nearly brought ruin to his family. Roots Ethiopia provided him with an income generating grant and he immediately got to work.

During a team field visit, we met him in the Doyogena Livestock Market selling livestock. He shared the details of his work with us,

“it costs about 2000 birr to purchase a nice ox at a local wholesale price.  I can sell the ox at the local market for 2100 birr. I sell this way maybe 3-4 ox per week at two different markets. This work saved my family from hunger.”

His profit of about 400 ETB per week ($21.50 USD)  provides his family with nutritional stability, allowed them to purchase an ox for their own family farming,  and a milk cow to supplement their diet.

Stability has also meant all of the children are regularly attending school. This is the kind of sustainable success that generates growing returns to a hard-working family and makes us all Roots Ethiopia enthusiasts!

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