Mother’s Day: Mothers Here and Mothers There

Your special Mom is going to love a Roots Ethiopia donation on Mother’s Day.
Donate here and help women just like B!  A Mother’s Day gift note will be sent to your special mom letting her know her gift has helped a woman in need in Ethiopia.

In this image, we are two joyful women, celebrating the work of Roots Ethiopia and “B’s” success.  “B” buys gomen (cabbage) in bulk and sells it in two area markets. She supplements with other produce seasonally. “B”s success has been hope-affirming. She is invigorated and feels empowered by her own industriousness. “B” shares that she now is nutritionally secure, assists her siblings go to school, and has established enough secure income to pay rent on her own small home. Her long arms are perfectly suited for a warm and enthusiastic embrace, which I accepted with equal enthusiasm, and her smile is effusive and lights up her market space.  “B” is one of our wonderfully successful women whose kick-start grant has changed her life and empowered her future.

Please help us celebrate Mothers Day and the success of women like “B” by assisting other women to achieve economic sustainability. Join us and your donation will go right to work helping women help themselves!