Hope by Twelve films Roots Ethiopia!

Last week our friends at Hope by Twelve  set off for Kembata Tembaro to film “day in a life” vignettes featuring a few of our Roots recipients! Roots Ethiopia stories are part of a documentary project for Hope by Twelve, and we are grateful to have the lives of our amazing Roots Ethiopia families grace their camera work. While the documentary film itself is now in the cutting room, Roots Ethiopia is excited to share our own little preview via photos from the Hope by Twelve team.

Hope by Twelve traveled by 4×4 to a market town in Kembata where they met Roots Ethiopia families. First, they spent the day with Zena, who got her start selling dabo and kineto (bread and soda style drink) with a Roots Ethiopia income generating grant. We have introduced you to Zena before (here). She spent time with the camera crew at her home, where she operates a small (and on this day, vibrant) home market stand. We can’t wait to share the inspiring story about her life today via the Hope by Twelve film! Zena’s industriousness and her determination to transform her life is a testimony to both hope and hard work.

Next, the film crew visited with Etegegnew, one of our outstanding 3rd grade students. Etegegnew, and 5 other Roots Ethiopia sponsored students, attend a local village school. Etegegnew believes her education will make a difference in her life, and she’s determined to do her best.  We agree with her, and we are excited to have Hope by Twelve share her story with you. We know her commitment to education is truly one of the sustaining hopes of her young life — and we can’t wait to follow her along her path to literacy and self-empowerment.

Stay tuned, because we know you will be as inspired as we are!

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