5 Reasons I’m Headed to Ethiopia on Friday!

1. LeadersGottaLead

If you follow me personally on FB, Twitter, or Instagram, you know that as Founder and President of Roots Ethiopia, I am committed to effective leadership. Bringing my energy, vision, and knowledge to our hard-working team in Ethiopia is GOOD LEADERSHIP.

I’ll be traveling with our London based Board member, Desta. His leadership and his ability to be a cultural liaison bring amazing energy and insight to our work. Desta grew up in the communities where we work. His skills are vitally important to our work!

2. Growth. And more Growth.

Our mission has hit a sweet spot with our donors. We know this because we see the amazing support and trust in our good stewardship with every single donation. The hard work of building a smart and sleek program is working. WE ARE GROWING. This is an all week trip, working side by side in the Hosanna office with trusted leaders to be the best we can be!

3. Data!

Projects need data. I will be working with the team to identify locally valued outcomes in our three programs. Together we will implement quantitative ways to measure the impact of Roots Ethiopia work. We’ll align these local values and goals with our organizational goals.

4. 2015 Travel Team

Planning for October Team Travel is going to be GREAT. Once again our team members will be BUSY (I’m well known for setting a very robust pace and making every moment count with meaningful work). I’ll be laying the groundwork for our team to get to work in October!

5. Need I say more? Morning macchiato.

Wetet buna in the afternoon. (And yes, you bet I’ll be visiting Tsehainesh at her tinish suk for some buna!)

Roots Ethiopia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Africa, specifically helping Southern Ethiopia. Roots Ethiopia supports community identified solutions for job creation and education.

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