#SendMeToSchool Interviews Mekdes, an Ethiopian Dreamer

Our Program Director in Ethiopia recently traveled to Sodo, Ethiopia to interview Mekdes, who is twelve years old and in the third grade. Her father died three years ago. Mekdes lives with her mother and five brothers and sisters. When her Dad was alive, he supported the family with jobs in agriculture and animal husbandry.

What was your life like after your Father’s death?

After my father died we rented our land to survive, but it didn’t take long until we had to give up our portion of the land. I didn’t have a chance to learn and I couldn’t even think about school even though I am highly fond of learning. It was so hard to get back and forth to school. My family didn’t have anything to eat. Getting clothing and teaching materials was a very difficult issue. Our life was getting worse and worse. Two of my brothers went to the streets to beg, but the girls remained in the house doing nothing. To tell you the truth, it was so scary to even think about the life before being enrolled in Roots Ethiopia’s School Sponsorship program.

What has life been like since your School Sponsorship?

I am now able to go to school. I am looking forward in life and becoming happy. I can get educational materials timely and sufficiently. God blessed us in amazing ways after the aid of Roots Ethiopia. A nearby neighbor came to our home and said “I see what Roots Ethiopia did for you. My heart is so touched that I have decided to pay for your electricity to help you study.” Now reading is fun with light and I will get better and better!

How do you spend the money we give you for food?

We buy 25 KG of maize with Ethiopian Birr and the rest of the money will be use for cabbage. Thank God that the money for food is enough for the whole family, for a whole solid month, not for only me. In former times we often skipped meals, but currently we get our lunch and breakfast timely.

What do you want to be in the future?

I want to be a Medical Doctor. I love science courses and I spend most of my time reading about Science.

Any final words, Mekdes?

I want to thank my entire community for selecting my family and giving us this chance. I used to have nothing. Now I am a dreamer.

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Roots Ethiopia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Africa, specifically helping Southern Ethiopia. Roots Ethiopia supports community identified solutions for job creation and education.

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