Sisay’s Life is Under Construction in Ethiopia

Sisay, a young girl from rural Ethiopia, is building a beautiful and inspired life day by day. She has been in the Roots Ethiopia School Sponsorship Program for three years and recently sat down with Tilahun, our Program Director in Ethiopia to share the power education is having on her life.

My name is Sisay. I am 17 and a Grade 8 student. I am a double orphan. I lost my Father in 2004 and my Mother in 2010. I live in Doyogena town which is located 25 km south of Hosanna together with my three siblings.

After the death of my mom in 2010, I passed through many desperate times. Even though there was something to eat at home with the support collected from neighbors, continuing my education was a serious problem. I was using one book for two subjects. I was not able to buy a uniform. Many times teachers chased me out from class for not taking notes due to a lack of pen. All my clothes were torn and most of the time I was wearing my elder sister’s shoes.

At this point in time, Roots Ethiopia selected me for a School Sponsorship. This was in 2013. It was at this point that my schooling situation totally changed. A lack of school materials is now unthinkable. I am wearing clothes like children from well to do families! My school performance has improved. I am one of the most promising students in the best private school. I attend class seriously and I  want to be an engineer.

After completing my schooling I would also like to help vulnerable children who are suffering from lack of care and support. I am a symbol that your support is not in vain. Like the construction happening behind me, the same is true for my life.


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$21/month will send one child to school,

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Roots Ethiopia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Africa, specifically helping Southern Ethiopia. Roots Ethiopia supports community identified solutions for job creation and education.

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