SHG’s + School Attendance = Awesome!

Back to school for these two young people!

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Tadelech’s children headed back to school this week. They attend school regularly because their MOM IS A ROCKSTAR saleswoman! Tadelech is part of a Roots Ethiopia Self-Help Group. She sells bananas and eggs in the market – and she even has a secret way of ripening her savory bananas. (You can read all about her on our Instagram account, using the hashtag #Tadu and#LaurensLens)

At Roots Ethiopia, we value family self-reliance. Tadelech is a great example of how a strong business plan and the support of a like-minded group of women means success for everyone in the family and includes going to school.

Want to enable the livelihoods of women like Tadelech? Support a woman who is joining a Self-Help Group and qualifying for a small business grant for just $27/month!