Setting Students Up for Success in Ethiopia

Exams are often a stressful time for many students around the world, and even more so in countries where getting a quality education is the key to bridging the ever-widening divide of income inequality. Roots Ethiopia is making a difference by hosting and funding after-school tutoring for 8th-grade students preparing for their 8th-grade national exams.

Ethiopian students must pass a national 8th-grade exam to advance to 9th grade. Here’s where we come in; we are stepping it up, gathering 8th-grade students together in 13 of our LRP schools for Saturday morning tutoring.  This is a rare opportunity in rural village schools, which is why our field team is so excited to bring this program to 13 schools! All of the tutoring sessions include additional girls — because we know the odds for girls, and we plan to help more girls get to 9th grade!


An 8th-grade tutorial session at the Lai Bedene School in Halaba

This is the season for exams and the schools that Roots Ethiopia partners with are working hard to make sure that their students have the best chance to continue their education. Exam success is especially important for girl students who advance to 9th grade in fewer numbers than boy students. This is critically important work.


A tutorial session in Doyogena, Kembata


A tutorial session in Sodo, Wolayta

We’re rooting for these determined students! And we’re excited to watch them succeed!

You can help students thrive in school through a donation to our Learning Resource Projects.


Need to know more about the exam schedule in Ethiopia? We have the details for you.

There are three critical exams in the academic career of an Ethiopian student:

  1. The 8th Grade Regional Exam. Failure on this exam means that the student will have to repeat the 8th-grade year. Students can take the exam year-after-year until they pass. 
  2. The 10th grade National Exam (known as the Ethiopian General Secondary Education of Certificate Exam/EGSECE). This exam cannot be repeated. Students get one opportunity to pass. Only students who succeed in at least 5 subjects can proceed to the 11th and 12th grades.  Results determine whether a student is tracked for college preparatory, vocational or technical programs.
  3. The 12th grade Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE). The results of this exam will determine whether students will be placed in undergraduate programs at the university level or in diploma programs in teacher training colleges (12+2) (or other similar diploma programs).





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