No Barriers to Education: for Teen Girls

You may already know that Roots Ethiopia provides School Sponsorships to 200 rural, poor students in many communities.

Did you know that with our locally-informed approach, we are committed to identifying all of the barriers that keep students from excellent school attendance? We know that when students are not in school they are missing important teaching and learning time.  We want all students to have all the time they need to succeed, and attendance is key to their success.

Meseret Hailu SS Student in Bonosha getting advice from her older sister on how to use menstrual pad supplied by RE Feb 2018

Our efforts give special attention to girls, who leave school in higher rates that boys. One strategy for success includes supplying female teens in the School Sponsorship program with feminine hygiene supplies so that no girl feels uncomfortable attending school during her menses. Evidence suggests many women and girls don’t have access to adequate menstrual hygiene products in Ethiopia. We are part of the movement to make a difference for girls!  Women on our staff took this picture of an older sister explaining the use of these menstrual pads to her younger sister with a Roots Ethiopia student sponsorship.

This support can make the difference for teen girls to attend 100% of school days every month. Otherwise, girls stay home for up to 5 school days per month, falling further behind in their studies and sometimes dropping out of school entirely when they cannot catch up.

Our goal is clear: No barriers to a quality education. One teen at a time!

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