Weezer and The Rains Down in Africa

Not even the rains down in Africa can keep us from our work to support quality education for all! And yes, we are quoting the classic Toto hit song, now covered by Weezer.

What, you ask? Weezer, rock and roll legends, released a stunning cover of this classic tune — and WE LOVE IT! Yesterday we joined this amazing story when Weezer announced their #BlessTheRains Charity Tee will benefit Roots Ethiopia!


This has put a spring in our step during some of the most challenging months for families and children in Ethiopia.

“Kirempt” (the rainy season) is a time when food stores diminish; when rains create cold, damp, and muddy conditions; and also when the following season’s harvest is determined by the weather. It is a time when families and children work hard, work together, and grab the nearest enset leaf to make a perfect umbrella.

So here we are, singing along with Weezer, and Toto, and imagining a better, brighter future for ALL children — Bless the Rains!

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Thank you, Weezer!


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