Misgana is clear, YOU make a difference

Today, your support means everything to Misgana. 

Misgnana is 11 years old.  She has a twin brother named Asmelash and their mom is a single mom who works tirelessly as a daily laborer to support her kids. Her days are long, her work is unreliable, and her pay is not enough to support both of her children in school. Poverty means she could only choose one child to attend school and Misgana was at risk of being left behind.

Roots Ethiopia met Misgana and enrolled her in school alongside her brother. Misgana’s mom felt the weight of making an unbearable choice lifted from her shoulders.  Today, Misgana is in 4th grade and her confidence has soared. She has moved UP in her class rank (a measure that is valued greatly in Ethiopian education) and she has an undeniable enthusiasm for learning.  Misgana says,

“I am so lucky. I go to school every day and I don’t even imagine I cannot be in school.  And look at me, I have a backpack and my shoes and a warm jacket when the rain makes everyone cold. It is because of this I believe I can learn every day, thanks to God.”

(Misgana and her brother in early 2018)

Misgana’s words are clear and we are so grateful to know how much her education means to her. Your support of school sponsorships means students like Misgana attend school every day, show up to school with all of their learning materials, have access to a medical fund, and their families have nutritional support. All of this is possible for 200 students with sponorships who share stories like Misgana’s. You make this happen when you become part of our Roots Ethiopia community of supporters.

We are cheering for your continued success, Misgana!  Keep striving!

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