Meet Meseret – A Dream of Education

Meseret is a shy, quiet 13-year old girl whose greatest desire is simply “to stay in school.”As the the oldest in a family of eight children, Meseret could have easily cemented her life’s path into one of sibling care and domestic responsibility. But Meseret’s parents see the value of education and work hard to encourage their children to dream, and through education, seek a better future than her father’s day labor work provides.

The realities of poverty have tragically delayed Meseret’s school progress, and she has only made it to grade 3. Her education had been in peril because her family is too poor to afford notebooks, pencils, and her school uniform. And yet, her parents haven’t given up on looking for a way for their sweet daughter to attend school. Meseret hasn’t given up on this dream either.

Recently, the local Ministry of Women and Children recommended Meseret for a Roots Ethiopia School Sponsorship. Meseret is happy to have the opportunity to learn! Because of your support of Roots Ethiopia, Meseret is receiving school supplies, clothing and nutritional support which allow her to stay in school…her greatest desire. Thank you friends, for delivering the power of education!

(Meseret, her mom, and her baby sister)


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