“Kids do the darndest things”….LIKE DONATE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

You know the saying, “Kids do the darndest things” – today we have a story about an amazing girl in Wisconsin who did something awesome to support students in Ethiopia. Our young friend and philanthropist said, “For a while, I didn’t know know what I could do to help the kids growing up in Ethiopia. But then I thought about it, and I thought about my education and how lucky I am to have such amazing teachers. I want to be able to help kids to get a better education.” She started collecting school supplies from the Roots Ethiopia school supply list. Every class at her school got involved. Her project was a HUGE success! Teachers, students, and friends all pitched in to fill up boxes of school supplies with pens, pencils, backpacks, rulers, calculators, and more! 

(You’re never too young to make a difference!)

The pandemic means getting the supplies to Ethiopia is taking some time.  Recently, 25 of the backpacks made it to Addis Ababa with a traveler. These backpacks have traveled from shops in the USA to a school in rural Wisconsin, then to our young friend’s home, next they were put in the back of our Board Chair’s car, and after that they made their way to North Carolina via UPS to a traveler. Finally, they were loaded into the cargo hold of an airplane and flown to Addis Ababa, and then delivered to our Country Office. WOW!  If these backpacks could talk!

(Thank you from the office in Addis Ababa!)

What’s next? The journey continues because students start school in rural Ethiopia on October 11. Right now the Roots Ethiopia team is delivering school supplies to 250 students who you sponsor! Imagine the delight when the kids receive these beautiful backpacks, given with such full hearts from children in a school in rural Wisconsin. Beautiful!

See if you can find some of THESE bags in the next image 

Kids rock, and we love sharing how one inspired young woman has made a difference! Every child has the right to learn, and having quality school supplies inspires and motivates young students! We love our young supporters so much. Thank you!

If you’d like to get involved with taking materials to our country office in Addis Ababa, please let us know with an email to info@rootsethiopia.org. And, if you’d like to host a fundraiser or collect supplies, you can do it! Helping feels GREAT!

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