Great Chemistry!

We all know there is great chemistry between Jonah’s Hands and his special crochet friends, but did you know that Jonah’s Hands-On Science Lab at Teza Gerba School has an award-winning chemistry teacher? Meet Ato (Mr.) Meharu, who is inspiring thousands of students to explore the world around them!

(Meet the award winning teacher, Ato Meharu)

Teza Gerba’s science teacher, Ato Meharu, was awarded a medal for teaching excellence for the National Teachers Day in 2020/2021. He earned this wonderful medal for his enthusiastic work teaching science and inspiring school children to pursue their interests in the world around them.  This award is a high honor and Ato Meharu is thrilled to continue to commit his very best teaching to students who are learning in the hands-on science lab that Jonah’s Hands has built and equipped!

(Teaching students to use a microscope reveals so many exciting discoveries)

“This award is not just for me, it is for everyone,” said Ato Meharu. “I would not have received this award if Roots Ethiopia and Jonah’s Hands had not organized this lab and if I had not done my work and research here at this school with so many interested students. Many thanks to Roots Ethiopia, Jonah’s Hands, and Teza Gerba School.”

Ato Meharu is amazing, and this is the kind of amazing outcome that your support makes possible! Thank you to all of our friends, and to Jonah, who has a very special mission at this school.

(Before and After; the Lab was doubled in size and fully equipped)

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