Meet Tariku and invest in a student’s science education!

Tariku is a curious student. He’s a typical boy from the village; his father is a farmer and his mother works with other women in the market to sell and purchase items their family needs.  He’s a strong son who helps at home, but his real love is science and inventing!

Tariku builds different things that he thinks can benefit his village. He told us that it sometimes gets very hot where he lives. Since the community cannot afford to buy cooling systems, Tariku took the initiative to invent one. He collected discarded items in his village, and designed and built a cooling system!

(Tariku and his cooling system)

Tariku has decided he will continue to invent useful things, and he really hopes that one day he can produce things his community needs. He knows he can do it if he has the opportunity and the materials to keep inventing. Tariku commented, “Because of the science room that Roots Ethiopia and Jonah’s Hands created, I am encouraged to do my inventing, and I will keep doing it because I love solving problems.”

(Students create amazing models of science in action!)

Your support of Roots Ethiopia helps kids like Tariku attend school and realize their talents and dreams. And we think kids like Tariku are just what the world needs right now! When you invest in a child’s education, you invest in boys and girls like Tariku!

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