Meet Mohammed, Country Director of Roots Ethiopia

2021 brought lots of adjustments for all of us. One of the best changes for Roots Ethiopia was the addition of our new Country Director, Mohammed Jemal. Welcome, Mohammed!  Mohammed comes to Roots Ethiopia with previous experience at Save the Children International, Oxfam International, and Child Fund International in roles leading humanitarian programs with a focus on women and children’s needs. But it wasn’t just Mohammed’s resume that got the attention of our Board of Directors.

A team of Roots Ethiopia Board members interviewed Mohammed and found him to be “a deeply compassionate, kind, and team-oriented leader.” They added, “he’s passionate about education, community-led problem solving, child protection, food security, and livelihood. He personally feels strongly about advocating for women and children.”

A native Ethiopian, Mohammed has quickly earned the trust, acceptance, and buy-in of the communities where Roots Ethiopia works. He leaves the country office in Addis and is in the field every month. Mohammed says: “I truly love the mission and vision of Roots Ethiopia. Our approach is very focused and impactful, which is important given the size of our organization. We are nimble and responsive, focusing on local ideas and innovations to ensure lasting solutions for community problems.

Mohammed is a devoted husband and father of three children. When he’s not working, he loves reading leadership and business books and spending time with his family. We’re excited to have Mohammed lead the work you generously support, and we can’t wait to see what his great leadership means for 2022!

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