The power of asking!

The young people of this world inspire us with their compassion and desire to make the world better. This is a story about how Tes, a teen in New Hampshire, helped students in Ethiopia because of her desire to make a difference. A few months ago, Tes reached out to Roots Ethiopia and asked, “Is there something I can do to help Gedra School? What do they need?” This is such a great question and it’s a question we really love to be asked!

Once Tes learned that over 120 of your youngest students were sitting on a dirt floor in their pre-kindergarten classroom, she got right to work to meet their BIG need for chairs and tables. You can see their JOY on delivery day! Tes helped meet their basic needs so these children can focus on their learning. We are grateful for Tes’ compassion and generous spirit! Tes, you rock!

Delivery Day at Gedra Primary School!

Here is Tes’s story in her own words:

My name is Tes. I am 16 and a junior in High School in NH. I was born in the Gedra region of Ethiopia and was adopted in 2007. My mom and I have done two fundraisers in the past for Gedra school, and I have helped her. This was the first fundraiser where I took the lead, and it has been rewarding being able to give back to a school full of teachers who want to teach, and students who want to learn.

For this most recent fundraiser, I worked with Dean’s Beans, a coffee roasting company, and sold the beans to people who wanted to help the school. I also partnered with Roots Ethiopia, and gave all the proceeds to them, for whatever the school needed the most. This fundraiser raised $1060, which purchased 135 chairs and 65 tables for the preschool. I feel so privileged to be able to help this school, especially since it is the school I would have gone to had I not been adopted. Many thanks to  Roots Ethiopia for all they do, and all the people who support them.    Thank you!  ~Tes

Gedra Primary School, Tembaro, SNNPR

P.S. Are you a teen who wants to make a difference? Write or call us anytime – we love your powerful questions! Be like Tes, and help us continue to improve Gedra School. We need $5,000 to provide the materials this growing school needs to educate children through grade eight.

Give here and write “Gedra” in the donor scroll.

Tes and her Grandpa

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