Why a monthly gift makes a difference.

Hi, I’m Meghan, the Board Chair of Roots Ethiopia. I am inviting you to be a member of our monthly giving community called, The Roots. There are 4 reasons I think this is a great time to join The Roots!

1. You care about making a difference through giving.

Educating children and helping hard-working moms build small businesses to lift them out of extreme poverty matters to you.

It matters to us too.

Education and job creation create thriving communities. Sending children to school, assuring children stay in school, and helping children succeed in school helps families build resilience and opportunities for a better future.

Each month, your donation supports learning, earning, and prospering in rural Ethiopia. One month your support could go to buying a student a backpack with supplies for school. The next month, you will help a school’s first library with 15 books.

Your support is getting to the roots of the problem that keeps families extremely poor (see what we did there?). You are helping educate children and creating jobs for hard-working moms. You make a difference.

You’ll get one video update a quarter. In it, you will learn more and feel good about the difference you are making as part of The Roots community.

2. You like teamwork.

Our community of monthly donors is called The Roots. They are our loyal supporters. As a member of The Roots, you’re in good company. Our members are just like you, determined to make a better world!

Benefits of joining include:

    • A dedicated team from our Board of Directors to answer your questions;
    • Annual statements to make tax time easier;
    • An easy-to-use donor platform. You can log in to upgrade, downgrade, change your payment frequency, or cancel at any time.
    • A quarterly video email, with deeper connections to the work and video comments from our team in Ethiopia.

3. You believe in helping Roots Ethiopia plan for growth.

The Roots is a primary source of funding for our organization. Growing the organization is important to be able to say YES to the needs of families and children in rural villages.

Having a predictable revenue helps us plan ahead. It also helps us focus on high-impact programs that are strategic and life-changing for families and children.

As we have more members join The Roots, we can deepen our impact in our work area. There is a great need – more schools to improve, more children to send to school, and more families to help empower and lift out of extreme poverty.

4. You want your help to be meaningful AND feel great about giving!

Drought, climate change, conflict, a pandemic, and rocketing inflation are deeply affecting villages in our work area. Urgent action is needed across all of our programs; school sponsorships, school improvement work, SHE (self-help entrepreneurs), and humanitarian aid during a crisis. Together, The Roots community lifts people out of severe poverty and moves them into self-reliance and relief from desperate conditions. We can end extreme poverty with collective action – and The Roots is an excellent way to be part of this movement!

We would love it if you join The Roots today.

Not sure how much to give? Start with $15 a month and you can provide child with their school uniform, shoes, and set of clothes to wear under their uniform. They’ll also receive their school backpack filled with supplies! 





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