It’s Yellow and It’s A Suprise for Jonah!

We have a surprise for Jonah’s Hands but shhhhhhhh, don’t tell him! It’s on it’s way to him all the way from Ethiopia!

Our team was visiting women in the SHE (Self-Help Entrepreneur) program at a local market in Sodo. This group was formed with your support, and they are thriving! The visit at the market was so much fun and the women were busy selling their products. They were bargaining, chatting, and supporting each other while working. These are skills they have learned as part of their business plan. They were SHINING in the roadside market space.

One of the women, Zinabaw, was crocheting a bright yellow item. It caught the eye of our Board Chair, Meghan. Jonah came to her mind, and Meghan wanted to know more about Zinabaw’s beautiful crochet work.

You know what happened next —  Meghan bought the beautiful piece and it is now on its way to Jonah.

Zinabaw was so excited to know her art is on the way to Jonah. She was going to make a mesob cover, but she agreed to modify the design since Meghan was on her way out of town very next morning.

Zinabaw is a smart, hard working woman. She sells her crochet work at the market every day. The support of donors like you has made it possible for her to excel as a business woman. She has training, support, and access to her group saving group to grow her business.

Our team was lucky to visit her home the very next morning and pick up Jonah’s gift. Zinabaw shares her love of crochet with Jonah’s Hands and we can’t wait for Jonah to visit Ethiopia one day and meet Zinabaw 💚💛❤️. They can share many crochet skills and stories.

If you want to know more about Jonah’s work with Roots Ethiopia, you can read a bit more right here

Great work and great stories go together — and so do sweet gifts! Suprise, Jonah!


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