Caring in Common: You, Women in Business, and Roots Ethiopia

We believe that with grants and guidance, women with the least amount of resources can join a network that nourishes their strengths, broadens their practical and entrepreneurial skill sets, and gives bloom to their small business potential. All while providing a safe space for camaraderie and mentoring. Our Self-Help Groups offer the support these women in Ethiopia need to become self-reliant.

When you donate to our Self-Help Groups, you provide skills development, small business grants, and peer support groups to budding female entrepreneurs.


Meet Ayalech, a mother of six who has started and grown her own business.

After a Self-Help Group gave her needed resources, Ayelech no longer struggles to send her children to school nor sleeps on a dirt floor. She’s grown a fruit-selling business to employing five other women in her village and is saving money for the first time.

Give $250 and you provide a female entrepreneur a start-up grant and business training.

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