A Connected Community Supports Job Creation in Ethiopia

On Saturday evening at The Prairie Cafe in Middleton, Wisconsin over 100 people gathered to support Roots Ethiopia’s commitment to job creation in Ethiopia. Artful Giving included art created by women in support of women. Proceeds from the event benefited our IGA Program which currently provides market jobs to over 200 people in rural Ethiopia! The evening was an … Continue reading A Connected Community Supports Job Creation in Ethiopia

Almaz: A plan for success

Almaz is a single mom.  She and her 4 children were suffering from lack of opportunity. She struggled to support herself and her children.  Almaz yearned for self-reliance, but could not access any resources to purchase necessary materials for market work.  Roots Ethiopia shared resources and skills with Almaz. She wrote her business plan with the help … Continue reading Almaz: A plan for success

Livestock IGA Changes Lives

One of our micro-grant recipients is a hardworking father. Illness, hard economic times, and consecutive difficult growing seasons nearly brought ruin to his family. Roots Ethiopia provided him with an income generating grant and he immediately got to work. During a team field visit, we met him in the Doyogena Livestock Market selling livestock. He shared the details … Continue reading Livestock IGA Changes Lives