Self-Help Groups paired with Income Generating Activities provides support for community members with the fewest resources to learn new skills, identify and capitalize on their strengths, and build small businesses.

Why are Self-Help Groups so important?

Low-income community members are brought together for support and regular skills development in the areas of small business development, savings strategies, idea generation, and knowledge sharing.

Women, who disproportionately bear the burden of poverty, gain access to and control of household and community resources, significantly improving their economic position. Shared resources and savings provide an important financial safety net for unpredictable life events, reserves for growing businesses, and capital for improving family dwellings.


Meet Ayalech, a mother of six who has started and grown her own business.

After a Self-Help Group gave her needed resources, Ayelech no longer struggles to send her children to school nor sleeps on a dirt floor. She’s grown a fruit-selling business to employing five other women in her village and is saving money for the first time.

Would you like to raise up communities by investing in empowering women and small businesses?

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