We believe that with grants and guidance, women with poor access to economic resources can join a network that nourishes their strengths, broadens their practical and entrepreneurial skill sets, and gives bloom to their small business potential. All while providing a safe space for camaraderie and mentoring. Self-Help Entrepreneurs (SHE) network offers the support poor women need to become self-reliant.

What is the SHE network?

When you donate to the SHE network, you provide skills development, small business grants, and peer support groups to budding female entrepreneurs.

Why are SHE networks so important?

Women are brought together for support and regular skills development in the areas of small business development, savings strategies, idea generation, and knowledge sharing.

Women, who disproportionately bear the burden of poverty, gain access to and control of household and community resources, significantly improving their economic position. Shared resources and savings provide an important financial safety net for unpredictable life events, reserves for growing businesses, and capital for improving their family homes.

Meet Worke, a mother raising three children.

After going through her SHE training, Worke carefully and thoughtfully adjusted her daily work strategies to create a sustainable and profitable vegetable business. For the first time, she is meeting her family’s needs AND saving money.

With your help, we can continue to increase economic opportunities for women like Ayalech.
Give $250 and you provide a female entrepreneur a start-up grant and business training.

Do you have questions about the SHE Network?

Email us at info@rootsethiopia.org or submit a message below.