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The Change Makers and Roots Ethiopia!

Are you ready to create lasting change in Ethiopia?

The Change Makers is a monthly giving program towards our General Fund to directly support children, mothers, and families in rural Ethiopia.

Your monthly gift not only elevates communities in rural Ethiopia through education and job creation, but it also creates change on a personal level. Our Roots Ethiopia field team connects with communities regularly to listen and assess their needs. Our General Fund allows us to respond to communities’ needs and provide support where it’s needed the most.

In the past few months, we have overcome many challenges and assisted thousands of families in need. NONE of this would be possible without our donor community! YOU are the common denominator driving lasting change in rural Ethiopia.

Being part of our The Change Makers means you are joining a community of supporters who understand the importance of making a long term commitment to education and job creation in rural Ethiopia.

Give monthly and we’ll put your support directly to work!

A monthly donation to our General Fund allows us to respond to the needs of communities. We listen to the communities and provide support where it’s needed the most.

Why Give Monthly?

When you give monthly, you bring lasting change to families in Ethiopia. You directly invest in improving schools in rural Ethiopia that are poorly resourced, enabling livelihoods for women with no access to financial resources, and help feed families and students impacted by Covid-19.

Your contribution has been essential to pursuing our mission of enabling livelihoods and helping families and children thrive in Ethiopia through education and job creation.

Without your sustained generosity, our mission would not be possible. When we care in common, we make a difference, together.

Together, we will continue to impact bright young minds, strengthen and support families, and build prosperous communities.

It’s a Community

Becoming a monthly donor is about joining a dedicated group of donors who understand that making meaningful change in education and job creation is only possible when done sustainably, month after month.

It’s Sustained Support

Monthly gifts allow us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programs, and innovate to meet the unique needs of children and their families. When we know we have ongoing support, we know we can respond to community needs.

You choose the amount to give each month and join a community of generous givers who share a mission of enabling livelihoods, starting right here, right now.

Stories from the community.


Firkre started in her SHE group in Shone over two years ago. Her first business was selling vegetables in the market. After some time, she used her group’s savings loan opportunity to buy a goat. Now, she has five goats and a busy vegetable stand. Her plan is to buy a cow next, and continue to build her business.

She says, “Thanks to you, I have made this opportunity to go from zero savings to 5000 ETB in my first bank account. And I have already re-payed my loan for the first goat.” Firkre now practices physical distancing like she learned when her SHE group received Roots Ethiopia’s food distribution and health education earlier this summer, made possible by your generous donations.

You GIVE, she GROWS.


Our General Fund supports people like Yemisarech. She’s a student at the local village school where Roots Ethiopia was working on a school improvement project.

She was so excited to explore the NEW science lab where she threw open the windows, opened up the microscope case, and spent the next 5 minutes identifying the parts of the microscope and then demonstrating PERFECTLY how to use it.


When you give to our General Fund, you help provide critical resources such as solar powered radios for students.

The radios allow students to dial into their local FM station that hosts their national curriculum (Science, Math, English, History and more) to learn during this Covid-19 global pandemic.