Anne McConnell

A recognized innovator in both tech and non-profit arenas, Anne McConnell has nearly 20 years’ experience in marketing, sales, business development and building strategic partnerships. She currently owns and runs a consulting firm that focuses on both tech and non-profit clients.

With a background in broadcasting, Anne is an accomplished writer and public speaker. She is known for her tenacious, assertive and intuitive style that emphasizes consensus and community. She has received multiple awards for both business and non-profit contributions.

Anne has a passion for travel. From a professional standpoint, she has worked with and managed global teams and has a thorough understanding of both living and working in different cultures and markets. Personally, she loves travel on her own and with her husband.

Anne sees herself as an energetic leader and community organizer and is working towards her master’s degree in non-profit executive management. She started her career working in non-profits and is excited to have an opportunity to start moving back in that direction.

Anne’s greatest joys are her son who is adopted from Ethiopia and her husband who is a software architect. She and her family live in Colorado and are avid hikers, climbers and adventure travelers.