Hand Woven Sefed. All Natural Grass/Reed. 17.5″ Round. Flat.


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We love these sefed! Each one is hand woven with meticulous care by women who are part of the Roots Ethiopia small business start up groups called “Self-Help Groups” (SHG’s). The SHG’s have collectively decided to make and sell these sefed in their local markets, through the Roots Ethiopia local office, and to tourists. Their business plan is already an amazing success! We love being part of this success too with products especially for our Roots Ethiopia supporters.

In February Roots Ethiopia purchased these sefed at their highest price (the tourist price) which was a very good profit for the women. Now, with their permission, we are selling the sefed to help create more SHG’s where women discover their business talents and realize so many of their dreams through self-reliance.

This sefed is beautiful in the natural color of the local reed/grass. It is 17.5″ round and flat.

Thank you so much for supporting our programs through this very special purchase!

Please note — these are expensive to ship because they are big and because the efforts to get them to the US include several layers of expense. We have a unique shipping rate for them that will show up in your cart.