Fabric Nesting Baskets

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A plethora of beautiful baskets. Pick your size and color!

1- A small bowl of floral and pink against a black background, 7″w x 3″d

2- Teals and browns with a lovely teal swirl flourish on the outside edge, 9″w x 2.5″d

3- Teals, whites and greys  with a swirl flourish on the outside edge, 10″w x 3″d

4- Light pastels of yellows, blues, creams and whites, 9″w x 4d

5- Ripples of purples and greys with swirl flower on the outside edge, 10″w x 5″d

6- Rich purple stripes, and a swirled edge, make this medium sized bowl beautiful, 9″w x 3″d

7- Blues, teals and browns shallow medium bowl with a flower flourish, 10″w x 3″

8- Whites, purples and blues with a flower flourish on this medium bowl, 10″w x 3″d

9- Beautiful browns accented with bright teal, 10.5″w x 3.5″d

10- Country browns and blues, 10″w x 3″d

11- Brown and teal stripes accentuated with a light blue swirl, 10″w x 3″d

12- Creams, blues and browns with a convenient handle for hanging, 9.5″w x 2.5″d

13- Beautiful blue and white bowl with orange accent rings and two carrying handles, 10.5″w x 6.5″d



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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 with handle, 13 two handles