Sheti XXL-XXXL Ethiopian Caftan in Paisley Pink


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We have sheti for year round enjoyment! These sheti are colorful, fun to wear, and comfortable! This is a generous size and it’s so comfortable!

Sheti are worn every day by women in Ethiopia. These are sewn for Roots Ethiopia in Addis Ababa by our favorite tailor.

They last forever — are wash and wear, and are a cotton/poly blend. This sheti is a pretty paisley pattern in pink and soft yellow with silver threads. It’s beautiful and so much fun to wear wherever you are (beach, morning coffee, sitting on your deck, hotel comfort when you are on the go).

Note: every sheti is unique. Some sheti may have smaller arm holes and head holes than others. If yours is small, we suggest using a seam ripper to enlarge the arm holes and cutting a small “v-shape” in the head hole to increase your personal comfort. Also, they can be shortened if they are long for your stature.