Silver Letter V — Small


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These silver plated LETTERS are a popular teen fashion in Ethiopia.  We purchased these in Addis Ababa for the teens in our lives. Teens typically wear a letter that represents their first name. You find these necklaces commonly worn both in rural and urban Ethiopia.

Each letter is a slightly different size, so we’ve set the letters next to a dime to show the variety. In addition, each letter has a slightly different bail (either ring or clasp). We advise you replace the bails on these with something more sturdy as these pinch clips are not sturdy and the rings are not durable. We also suggest a silver necklace to match.

Please note — each letter is unique in size and we will ship what is available (we have a selection of both the larger and the smaller and will note when possible). Picture shown in product is large R, on a 7MM Sterling Silver .925 Curb Chain Necklace with a sturdy bail to match.