The power of asking!

The young people of this world inspire us with their compassion and desire to make the world better. This is a story about how Tes, a teen in New Hampshire, helped students in Ethiopia because of her desire to make a difference.

Winter Olympics and Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has a nearly 70-year history with the summer Olympic games, having first participated in 1956. Over the years Ethiopia has won 55 medals in summer Olympic games, all in long-distance “athletics” or running events. This is likely no surprise… Ethiopia is well-known as a country with many exceptionally talented and gifted distance runners. But … Continue reading Winter Olympics and Ethiopia?

The Incredible SNNPR

Roots Ethiopia works in the SNNPR region of Ethiopia: The Southern Nation Nationalities and People’s Region. The area borders Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west, and other regions of Ethiopia to the north and east.