Here’s what happens when we invest in income-generating activities. Our gifts grow. This photo taken during a recent site visit, checking in on this woman who had received four goats via an IGA grant. Four months later, the goats were fat and she sold three at market, earning enough money to buy a young cow. When the … Continue reading Evidence

2012 Grain Drive

In May 2012, Roots Ethiopia visited Hadiya, Kembata, and Tembaro zones to evaluate our programs with Meseret Kristos Church (MKC). We visited Hosanna, Doyogena, Hadero, and Shinshecho church headquarters. During our meetings, in every case, when we asked church leaders to share their concerns about needs in the area, the overwhelming response was hunger. Hunger impacts … Continue reading 2012 Grain Drive

Four goats and a Goje bet

The inspiration for this organization is captured in these images. This goat is one of four that were provided by Meserete Kristos Church as an income-generating activity for a woman in Ethiopia’s Kembata region in Ethiopia. Four goats become four fattened goats at the market. That’s the hope.

Site Visit: November 2011

Our first site visit is complete and the trip went fabulously. There is a lot of good work going on as the result of Roots Ethiopia’s support, and much more to be done. We’re excited about what the next several years will bring. Some General Observations – our first year in operation School sponsorships make … Continue reading Site Visit: November 2011