Imagine not sending your child to school because you can’t afford a uniform, pen and paper, and a pair of shoes. Your gift of $32 a month can send a child in Ethiopia to school for a full year.

Join The Roots, our collective of monthly donors devoted to supporting communities in Ethiopia through education and job creation.

Unshakeable in Our Vision of a Poverty-Free World.

We are a group of people who see the future as a poverty-free world and who take action to make it so.

Community priorities are our priorities. That’s why we give villages the help and resources they need to use their own Ethiopian skills, wisdom, and knowledge to become self-sustainable. 

Meseret - Amharic for “foundation; the roots; the vessel.”

We are rooted in empowering Ethiopian ideas to solve Ethiopian problems. 

We went to the village elders in communities across Ethiopia and asked them, “What do you need?” The answer was always the same: “Our people need jobs and our children need to go to school.”

Your monthly gift acts as the vessel to bring local ideas and solutions to life so communities can address the unique challenges they face. From sponsoring children so they receive a quality education to helping women create local market businesses, your contributions are the roots they asked for

Your Place in The Roots Provides Opportunity for Women and Children in Ethiopia

2.6 million children of primary school age are out of school in Ethiopia. Over 80% of the population depends on rain-fed agriculture to feed their families. And 90% of children face deprivation.

But there’s wonderful news! You are making a difference! Because of your support, 250 students living in the poorest villages are attending school with a sponsorship. And 92% attend year after year. Over 1,600 women are involved in Self-Help Entrepreneurship women’s groups so they can build strong businesses to support their families. And 30 schools are now a part of the School Improvement Program, which includes creating a school’s first library, hands-on science lab, desks for every child, and sending teachers to professional development workshops.

That’s why 100% of your monthly gift goes directly to empowering communities in Ethiopia. And that means contributing to programs such as:

School Improvements

to provide quality education to students through improving schools and sending teachers to professional development workshops.

Student Sponsorships

to sponsor students so they have the opportunity to continue their quality education rather than worry about financially supporting their families.

Self-Help Entrepreneurship (SHE) Program

to continue supporting the 1600 women across 71 Self-Help Entrepreneur women’s groups. They’re now building sustainable small scale businesses to support their families and send their children to school.

With The Roots, You’ll See the Impact You’re Creating in Real Time

Our members of The Roots receive exclusive newsletters 4 times per year, so you can see the life-changing support you’re giving. Hear from people like Zemanesh, who is 16 and in grade 8, who said: 

“If the support of Roots Ethiopia was not there, I would have quit school and migrated in search of work. This support is the backbone and source of security for my education. My whole family is highly benefitting from the support, especially the food support that is enough for all of us.”

It’s Time to Plant Your Roots!

As a member of The Roots, you know your monthly gift will matter. Whether it’s allowing a child to go to school for another year, or it’s setting a mother up to support her family through her own business, a little over a long time provides more growth.

It’s never been easier to give, thanks to our monthly program. You can set it and watch your impact grow by simply clicking the button below. Your contribution will be processed automatically each month! 

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