Roots Ethiopia works with communities in Ethiopia to turn local ideas into lasting change. We work together to improve schools, educate children, and enable livelihoods. These are community priorities, so they’re our priorities.


Improve schools.

Through School Improvement Projects, we work with rural schools to address the challenges they face including a lack of materials, not enough teacher training, and a lack of hands-on spaces for children to learn. We work with the schools and work together to meet their needs and improve their school’s quality of education.

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Educate children.

School Sponsorships mean poor students can start school, stay in school, and succeed in school.

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Enable livelihoods.

The Self-Help Entrepreneurs (SHE) network supports local women with business ideas by providing the grants, guidance, and community they need to succeed.

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Include everyone.

Our Inclusion Projects provide the resources needed to create classrooms that empower and support children with disabilities.

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We believe that when we pursue these goals together, we can increase financial stability for families and communities in Ethiopia.

Together, we will create lasting change.