Jonah’s Hands Projects in Ethiopia

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Jonah is a wonderful supporter of children and families in Ethiopia through the work of Roots Ethiopia. Together with his friends and the fiber arts community, he is raising money to deliver the power of education to students in rural Ethiopia.

Right now Jonah is working to improve education in a village called Teza Gerba. His focus has been the Primary School and High School. These are the schools he likely would have attended if he had grown up in Ethiopia.

Your help makes a difference!

Several amazing and important projects are complete. Check out the completed projects below!

Right now there is an exciting NEW opportunity to be part of Jonah’s fundraising to improve the village High School.

The library and the science lab at the Teza Gerba High School are in terrible condition. Students are missing so many opportunities to learn.

PHASE ONE:Jonah is raising money to rebuild and furnish the High School Library. $11,430 will COMPLETE the library project.

When you give, you help Jonah create a library that will open up so many opportunities for Teza Gerba students to learn and succeed. You can donate right here.

PHASE TWO will begin for the science lab when the library work is funded and underway!

Make a difference and help Jonah improve education in Teza Gerba village. When you give, you become part of an beautiful community of donors who care about making the world a better place.

(Every donation to this campaign support Jonah’s work with Roots Ethiopia. We are a registered non-profit so your gift is tax deductible).

Show your support for Jonah and his projects in Ethiopia. When you give, you helpp Jonah bring the world together, one stitch at a time.

Current Project: Library and Science Lab Improvements at Teza Gerba High School

Teza Gerba High School Library
This library is in poor condition and is the school's top priority for students.


High School students yearn for a library to enrich their learning and their success. Today, the library shelves are nearly empty and the bookshelves are unstable. There are only a few plastic chairs to sit in. There are no library tables. The library has a dirt floor and too few windows that are never open. Students want a library to deepen their knowledge and prepare them for their future employment.

Teza Gerba High School Science Room: Phase 2
will begin after the library improvement is fully funded.


High School students know that a well equipped hand’s on science lab will help them learn the complexities of the natural world. Right now the science room is a small, dirt floor space. There aren’t enough materials and equipment to help students translate theoretical concepts into real-world experiments. Students are yearning for a better path to understanding, and a well equipped science lab will help them so much.

Jonah's Hands AMAZING Completed Projects at Teza Gerba Primary School.

Bathroom for Girls


Built a safe, secure, and private latrine for girls.

Hands-On Science Lab


Built a hands-on science classroom – Jonah’s Hands On Science Lab


School library

Created a school’s first library – Jonah’s Library



Supplied the school with desks, blackboards, and a lot of excitement!

School Desks

TRuck 3

Filled three empty classrooms with desks at Teza Gerba Primary School.



Created a girls and a boys soccer team with all the gear they need to play!