Jonah’s Hands Projects in Ethiopia

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Jonah has been a wonderful supporter of Roots Ethiopia. Together with his friends and fiber arts community, he has donated funds to deliver the power of education to students in rural Ethiopia. His current project is at Teza Gerba School — the school he likely would have attended if he had grown up in Ethiopia.

Today, Jonah is celebrating his love of soccer by creating a girls and a boys soccer team — complete with uniforms, shoes, coaching, and a leveled soccer field with goals at Teza Gerba School.  (And of course the jerseys will be ORANGE!).

Check out the progress Jonah and his friends have made so far! Jonah’s Hands has been able to complete these amazing projects at Teza Gerba School. Your help has made a difference!

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Jonah's Hands Projects at Teza Gerba School

Bathroom for Girls


Built a safe, secure, and private latrine for girls.

Hands-On Science Lab


Built a hands-on science classroom


School library

Created a school’s first library



Supplied the school with desks, blackboards, and a lot of excitement!

School Desks


Filled three empty classrooms with desks.



Creating a girls and a boys soccer team with all the gear they need to play!